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1. New Year Welcome

We would like to extend a warm invitation and welcome to those who will join the LBC learning community this year. To everybody, have a wonderful and prosperous 2014.

2. Course reviews 2014

We look forward to another successful year for all learners completing their courses this year. We would like to thank all our learners whose work was sampled in last year’s external reviews by Edexcel and the teaching and support teams for the excellent performance towards the year's graduation. All of us at LBC Community are proud of our achievements together.

2013 review comments for the online programme reflected Excellency and high quality of programme and included;

“this is a well organised and professionally run centre with clear appropriate systems to support the qualification. All paper work is of the highest order; the internal verification process is excellent both for assignment briefs and completed assignments".

Regarding learners sampled the report notes;
"The work sampled was of a very good standard and appropriated assessed. Marking is consistent across the centre with all markers working to national standards".

We congratulate all learners, tutors and support teams for a job well done. Why not consider joining us and, you could be next!

3. Low/affordable fees

We continue to maintain our low/affordable fees for the second year running as part of our supporting and encouraging you to take action now to gain your desired qualifications and personal development. We look forward to hearing from you.

4. Online study hubs

We continue to offer special discounts to learners wishing to enrol as a small study group – a local study hub. A hub is where 3-5 or more learners from a local area wish to use social networking and support one another and exchange information and materials. The hub will be assigned an administrator to provide guidance and online support.

5. New look website

We received positive feedback and incorporated them in our improved website. We trust you will experience more pleasurable browsing and easy access to information. The Online programme is managed by the LBC E-Learning Centre and is constantly monitored and reviewed for continuing improvements.

6. Register today, Start learning today

In three simple steps you can be on your way to your online study. Apply Online; Make your deposit and Login to the learning resources.

To apply online please visit:

7.Global Learning

Join the community of global learners today. From the comfort of your own country and home – find access to a computer and an internet connection (including the mobile internet options now available everywhere) and login. Apply today and start your learning journey today!

8. Our Promise

We give you our promise that we will respond quickly to your inquiry and complete your registration and enrolment with the awarding body within 48 hours of receiving your payment.

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