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Application and registration

The online system has been designed to be simple, flexible and as user-friendly as possible. A learner will be able to take the following steps to complete registration and start learning;

  1.   Free browse stage.
  2. Learner accesses online information, course information, course catalogue and policies.

  3.   Enquiry stage (optional)
  4. The learner completes and submits online enquiry form on course of interest and provides email address. This stage is only for those requiring additional information and guidance to select a suitable course. This progresses to stage 3.

  5.   Course Offer/Advisory stage (optional)
  6. Learner is allocated an advisor who responds to the enquiry and provides the learner with the information on course offer and an invitation to apply for the course.

  7.   Apply online
  8. The learner completes an online application and makes secure online payment for selected course.

  9.   Access Code and …… Start
  10. Learner registration is confirmed and is provided with the online access code and starts course of study.

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