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ATHE Level 7 Diploma in Healthcare Management

The ATHE Diploma in Strategic Management is a 120 credit qualification. Learners must complete the six mandatory units totalling 95 credits plus a further two or three units from the list of optional units to achieve a minimum of 120 credits for the Diploma. At least 80 of the credits for the qualification as a whole must be at level 7.

Mandatory Units (95 Credits)

Learners must complete the six mandatory units totalling 95 credits.


12-15 months


A first degree or Level 5/6 qualification in Healthcare or related field and relevant work experience. English language qualification is required for international applicants.


Fees for UK/EU nationals £2250, international learners £2500. Tuition fees exclude registration fees to ATHE of £300.


Mandatory Units (95 credits) Learners must complete the six mandatory units totalling 95 credits. Level Credit Value GLH
Organisational Behaviour 7 15 60
Managing Finance in the Public Sector 6 10 40
International Healthcare Policy 6 15 60
Manage Continuous Organisational Improvement 7 15 60
Developing Organisational Vision and Strategic Direction 7 15 60
Research for Senior Managers 7 25 60
Optional Units (35 Credits) Learners must complete a further 2 or 3 units from the list below to achieve a minimum of 35 credits.
Human Resource Management 6 15 60
Project Management 6 15 60
Programme Leadership 7 10 40
Strategic Resource Management 7 15 60
MRisk Management 6 10 40
Managing Stakeholder Engagement 6 10 40
Corporate Communications Strategies 7 10 30
Leading Organisational Equality and Diversity 6 10 40
Sustainable Business Strategy 7 10 40
Managing Quality and Service Delivery 6 10 40

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