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How does Distance Learning work?

Distance learning allows you to learn and achieve your qualifications from the comfort of your own surrounding. You can study from your own country, community or home. It allows you to learn while still keeping your job and achieve your qualifications at your own pace. You can start your course at any time and complete at your own pace.

What resources do I need to start online or distance learning?

You will need access to a computer (desktop or laptop) and access to the internet (including mobile internet options). You will also need an email address to receive and send emails and a mobile phone whenever there is need for telephone communication.

How do I find the online course of choice?

Visit our website: and;

  1.  Click on Online Courses and this takes you to a list of all the courses on offer. You will find a list of courses with live links to the pages containing details for each course. Each course will tell you the entry requirements including need any previous experience.
  2.  You can also use the left side drop-down menu which groups the course as;
    • Business Management courses
    • Computing and IT courses
    • Healthcare Management courses
    • Postgraduate Courses
    • Travel and Hospitality courses
    You then can click on the individual courses within each group to access course information.

How do I enroll on the online courses?

  1. Once you have found a course of interest the next step is to complete the Online Application Form found on the top menu.
  2. Please provide all the information required on the form including your previous high school/secondary school, college, university or other training certificates you hold.
  3. Indicate the title of the course as on the Courses list.
  4. Submit the completed form and attach copies of certificates and official I/D.

What do I do if I require further information?

Complete the Online Enquiry form located next to the Online Application form. State your queries or a short statement of the information you require and click submit.

What will happen to my query?

Once your query is received you will be allocated a support officer who will deal with your query and send you a response. We will strive to send you a response within 48 hours.

What happens after I have submitted the Online Application Form?

Your personal information will be reviewed on the basis of the entry requirements for each course. If there is need for additional information you will receive communication by email requesting for the information.

Once the review team is satisfied that you meet the entry requirements for the course you have applied for you will be invited to pay for your course enrolment and registration.

What does enrolment and registration include?

The process of enrolment and registration include;

  1. Payment of the required deposit of full tuition fees for the chosen course.
  2. Registration and certification fees payable to the awarding body for the respective course.

Can I pay my fees by instalments?

Yes. At the invitation to pay stage you will be provided with the payment options consisting of;

  1. A short interest-free instalment plan
  2. A longer instalment plan with interest/administration fee
  3. The option of lump-sum payment with the benefit of a discount.

Where do I find information on fees?

Course fees information is provided on the website, top menu titled ‘Online Fees’. Click to access the fees page for all courses.

How do I study online?

We will provide you with all the lessons and study materials you'll need for each course. On registration you will be provided with your unique code or password to log into the Online Learning Centre and access your learning pages.

Your Learning pages will have the information you will need to complete your learning including;

  1. The individual unit outline or guide
  2. The lessons for all the learning outcomes
  3. Additional or further study materials
  4. Learning activities where applicable
  5. Your assessment material

How quickly will I receive my course material?

  1. For online courses you will be able to start learning as soon as your payment has been processed – usually within 24 hrs of receiving and confirming your payment.
  2. We will strive to complete your enrolment and registration with the awarding body within two working days and have you signed on to your course within the time.

Will I have to sit an examination?

No. The online study route is based on completion by assignments and other coursework. There are no examinations. Learners will be provided with assessment tasks and activities which include written assignments, projects, reports and other forms of assessment designed by your tutors.

Will I receive any support?

  1. You will be assigned a tutor for each module or unit of the course and can arrange suitable forms of contact with your tutor including online chats, email, telephone and other forms of communication.
  2. You will also be provided with the office contacts for all administrative and general matters.
  3. We will strive to support you throughout the period of your learning and both your tutors and office staff will be available to guide you through your learning and find answers to your questions.
  4. You will benefit from the support of an experienced and knowledgeable tutor. Your tutor will mark and comment on your work, providing you with feedback and answers any questions you may have.

Is there a Learner Community?

The Online Student Community has been designed to allow you to interact with and learn from other learners. You will be able to share information and engage in discussions with other learners in topics of interest. You will also be able to engage in group work and any group assignments given as part of your course assessments.

How long should it take to complete my course?

Course length varies so on each course page you'll find information on the approximate number of study hours involved in that course, as well as the support period we provide. You can study your course quicker than this if you want or are able to. If you think you need more time, we may be able to extend the support period for some courses but there will be an extra cost. Short extensions may be provided at no additional cost.

The length of time it takes you to complete your course will depend on how much time you are able to devote to learning each week. You determine your own speed of learning and completion of your course.

Can I study from outside the UK?

All of our courses are available to global learners. We have learners from all over the world so, although the majority of our students are based in the UK, there are no borders when it comes to learning with us.

Learners are encouraged to use learning resources available in their own country and use examples and illustrations from their own environment for their assignments.

What qualification will I receive at the end of my course?

On the successful completion of your course, you'll receive a certificate of your qualification from the relevant awarding body (e.g. ATHE, Edexcel, other).

Our courses are accredited qualifications recognised by the Qualifications Credit Framework (QCF) and employers all over the world

We hope you have found all the information you need. If we haven't answered your questions or if you would like further information on how distance learning can help you, please contact us using our contact details at

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